Designing A Business That Lasts

Are You Diamond Tough?

When thinking about being resilient, I think about starting a business with what I love to do what I am passionate about and what I have the most skills to do. Many people start their business because they want to make money or it’s something that they figured people want to buy, but they haven’t tapped into their purpose, dream, or vision, and skills. But when you find a business owner or an entrepreneur that’s doing something that they love and would do even if they did not make money, then that is the start of a resilient business. What I talk more about resilience in my previous post. About pushing through the hard times, going the extra mile when nobody is rooting for you.

For today's message, I think of diamonds and what they endure to become more valuable. A diamond is resilient it takes the pressure and intense fire to create the brightest and the rarest diamonds. When I think about a diamond, it’s one of those coveted things that people throw money on and lavish people in. It is so rare,  it is so precious, and it is valuable. Doesn’t that sound good for a business to be unique and precious and valuable?  A resilient company is a rare diamond. That means it’s going to endure grime, intense heat, severe pressure, cutting, and polishing to shine and increase in value. 

A diamond in the raw is not very pretty, but it takes a keen eye, and determination to see the potential and put the work in to make it shine. 

It's not easy to build a resilient business,  but when you create something you love or are passionate about it is worth it.  When you feel like you were "born for this," that is the foundation for the drive to sustain and grow a resilient business.  It’s who you are, on your mind 24/7. You enjoy thinking of new solutions, services, products, or whatever comes to mind.  That is the kind of business  I encourage people to build, and I help them to design and discover. That is what will bring you the most rewarding experience in what you do. Your business is a diamond in the rough. Do you have what it takes to  extract it and make it valuable? (cue Mervis Diamond commercial with a heavy accent.)

 So how do you find if you have what it takes to design a 'diamond tough' business?  Take some time and think about the following items:

1. Figure out what your purpose is. 

2. What is the reason you do what you do?

3.  Do you do it well?

4.  Do you love it?

5. Think about what is working, what you enjoy doing on a day-to-day, and why you enjoy it.

6. Think about the things that move you, excite you, or bring you peace,  enjoyment, and contentment.

7. How Can you serve others or solve their problems?

Is your business diamond tough?

Even if you already have been in business for a while, can you answer the questions above clearly and still feel passion for what you are doing? Or have you grown lackluster with your business?  To develop and be resilient, you have to have a purpose, tag on skills, and you won't stop. You want that purpose to happen, and you do whatever it takes to make that a reality. Take some time reevaluate where you are and answer the questions honestly to start your path to resilience and creating a 'diamond-tough' business.


If you are just starting out and are looking for some strategic resources to help guide you, my D-I-Y solutions and products are a start for you. 

Already in business and need to break out of your growth rut? Work with me directly through my  Business Resilience Solutions and make your vision a concrete, 'diamond tough' reality.