What Is A "Bounce Back" Solution? SBR

Small Business Resilience Is Your "Bounce Back" Solution.

Small Business Resilience Is Your "Bounce Back" Solution.

"Fan into flame the gift of God, for the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline" paraphrased 2 Timothy 1:6-7.

I share these scriptures because they are so relevant to business and our mindset and motivation to pursue our passions, visions, and dreams. It is challenging to start a business or a new venture, delving into an unknown reality with pitfalls and high-points. I think Psalm 23 sums up not only life and its ups and downs, but is highly applicable to entrepreneurship and growing a business. We are our businesses, we are our brands. What happens in our lives trickles and sometimes pours into our daily business endeavors and operations.  What I want to talktoday is the heart and soul of my business, the purpose and the solution I am presenting to grinders, go-getters, dreamers, and visionaries. Small Business Resilience.

The Struggle is Real

The graphic of Coach Caleb"A single day as an Entrepreneur" had me on the floor when I first saw it. I thought "YAASSSSSSS he nailed it!" He found a way to capture every emotion you feel in a day. I actually tested this out and showed the picture to different people and the ones who actually were truly in the grind bust out laughing , others just smiled that vague smile which (to me) shows they were not truly relating to the struggle. The struggle is real, the struggle is real. Looking at this picture today, I also see all of the little spots where I provide that motivation, inspiration, and solutions to make those "totally lost", "I'm Gonna Die", "pick yourself up man!" moments less painful. I didn't say take away, because they are part of the package. BUT, it is how you bounce back from those moments that matter.  And there lies the basic foundation of Small Business Resilience - it's the "bounce back" solution for small business success.

The 'Bounce Back' Solution

I am not saying that we should be reactionary all the time. Not at all. My focus is on putting the right pieces in place on the front-end so that when you hit those bumps and walls, you are able to 'bounce back' and get to the "It was worth it!" moments. One of my pet peeves is wasting time. I am that person that would rather load up my arms and carry all the groceries in the house at one time, than make several trips. Every moment should be allocated to something that is forward moving for your purpose, your passion, your family, your life. So when I take time to create a product or solution or offer advice, I ask myself (is this the best use of someone's time ?Will they feel inspired, motivated, more focused with this solution?). I always welcome honest feedback to let me know if I am truly helping or if I missed the mark.

Why I do what I do.

For the record, I am not coming to you all as a multi-millionaire, with this huge empire coming to share my knowledge on my world domination. No, I have had my successes in industry an earned my 20 years of experience, but now I am right there with you growing my passion and vision and sharing insight and solutions along the way. Community over competition resonates so much with me, because it is the idea to work together to pull each other up and share ideas to all get over the finish line, whatever that looks like for you. I've got your back, and want to see you succeed in the most authentic and awe-inspiring way so you can pay it forward and help someone else. I believe if you have drive, heart, and a purpose ANYTHING is possible. I am here to help you make it real!

So What's Next?


Get dreaming and get moving on your vision.

You can subscribe to my mailing list. But I always have to add this disclaimer: I can't guarantee I am one of those people that have tons of emails already ready to go and send out and on autopilot. (Kudos to them.!), BUT I do love sharing information that I feel is of the moment or helpful when it strikes.

I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you. FYI - today as I write this I started off at the "Pick yourself up man!" point , but now I am at the "wow look how far I have come." moment LOL. Share in the comments below what stage you are in as you read this. I'd love to hear it.

Peace & Blessings!