Inspiration for Staying Resilient

Wow ain't that the truth. I feel when things seem really rough or difficult or have me down, something awesome is around the corner and I have to dig deep into my purpose and my "why" and not lose ground. Sometimes that means just holding my position, not moving forward but absolutely not wavering or moving back. Here's to pushing through the bad days and holding your own.! # Getitdone


This is a quick pick me up post to remind us that though the struggle is real, it is all so worth it. I would not have it any other way. I feel like the grit and the grind is what makes the little and big victories so amazing and sweet. Everyone always asks what kinds of fears or what is stopping you from achieving your dreams. I think I am living the dream. Seriously. It is a weird place to be, no I am not rich. No I don't have thousands of followers. I don't even know if anyone will read this post. But I honestly am just sharing and I keep writing what is in my heart and my mind so that one day it will help someone out there as they are struggling and working to make their dream a reality.

A bad day for me could look like, basement flooded, internet went out, no new work coming in, and one of my kids sick…..Okay, (that actually was pretty close to some of the days I have had.) There were moments I just wanted to sit on the steps and cry and just not move. BUT, that was not going to make a change or a difference in my circumstance. So I had to take a breath and deal with the first obstacle, and then the next obstacle and the next until I completely tackled through everything on my plate. I just dusted myself off and jumped in to solution mode.

The key is too acknowledge your emotions and feelings. Don't try to hide them and say through a forced smile "Oh, everything is just fine. I'll be okay." but knowing you are screaming inside. It is okay to say it SUCKS!! Its okay to say you don’t like the situation you are in. It is okay to say SERIOUSLY??!@??!!! It is okay. Give yourself permission to feel, to scream, to vent until the initial blow of the emotion is out. Then take a deep breath and start to figure it out.

Conquer the moment and don't let it bring you into a place of negativity and you start down a karmic spiral of doubt, fear, desperation. And definitely, do not expose yourself to people who will throw salt into your wounds, or completely ignore the wound and step all over you if you let them. So yes, let the haters go, choose to stay away from the toxicity of doubters and nay-sayers. Embrace those who areeither in the fight with you, or at least respect the grind. Cue song from Disney's Frozen " Let the storm rage on! The cold doesn’t bother me anyway!.- hair and cape flip!