What Makes You Resilient?

Have you ever just gotten in the car and started driving with the intention to do something, but you wind up driving around aimlessly? Achieving nothing. This happens to me sometimes when I have so many things on my mind, from family, to businesses, to ministry work, to LIFE. Oh the many things that come up in a day. My kids and I were walking around in Target the other day supposedly going in to get coloring books. We looked at tablets, movies, toys, clothes. LOL! An hour later we almost left without the coloring books. My 5 year old son said “why do we keep getting distracted?” LOL.


All of these examples, the car, wandering in Target, are what happens to business owners when they start their business without a vision and a plan. I know some people get started and just jump right in and start swimming. Which will get you results and sometimes favorable, but more likely you will hit a major snag in your progress. For many it is a cumbersome and laborious task to put together a plan to support your vision. And a lot of people wanting to start a project or a business don’t even take the time to write down the why and the details of the what.  It doesn’t have to be that painful of a process. Really it is just a matter of having the ideas and the general knowledge of where you want to go in the next year, 5 years, 10 years and beyond.  This can only come from YOU! It is your baby, your vision, your passion, and ultimately up to you to drive and make it happen. But the WHY is the most important piece to all of this because the why will get you through all of those hard days that are ahead. The “why” gets you through the great successes to keep you grounded. 

What does that mean for you? Take some time this week to sit down and write out your dreams for your business, your project, whatever journey you are on. What is your WHY? Then think about all of the things you know you will need to make that happen. Do some research and see who else is doing it or what is missing. Figure out how much all of this would cost to make happen for the first year, 5th year, and beyond and then consider who else you could add to your ecosystem as partners to make this happen more efficiently and create that triple value effect for you, your customers, and your customer’s customer.

Now take all of that information and you have your outline for a proper business plan – roughly (missing the marketing aspect and a few other financial pieces) but this gives you the start to not drive around aimlessly, and if you need a formal one done, you can pass this info on to someone that can run with it and give you a polished plan!

KLH Consulting can help if you want to schedule a Strategic Design Session or go to one of your local Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, or the Small Business Administration for business plan support.

Here’s to grinding out your daily dream!