Resilience & Authenticity

What does it take to lead your life, your business, others? Resilience and authenticity. I was reading in Harvard Business Reviews July 2016 issue talking about characteristics of a great leader, “…having faced setbacks, made errors, run a-drift, yet lived to fight another day!” This resonated with me so much. I feel like it is exactly where I have been on this journey. I am still learning every day, and if I wasn’t I would be scared! I have realized over and over again that you have to be uniquely you and follow your gut.


The times I have veered off the path were times I listened to the voices around me, (all well-meaning) but not understanding my passion and purpose for what I am doing. I know I am running a woman owned small business, but I really believe in the tag line I have used for my business since 2008, KLH Consulting provides “INSPIRATION, SERVICE & SUPPORT”. I always want to be in the business of helping people achieve what they are trying to achieve. So when I do my pricing and I make it reasonable some people think I should charge more. The times I went against my gut and did that, I scared away clients. And I know, this is business and there is a thinking that they weren’t serious if they weren’t willing to pay. I totally get that, and I am not underestimating my value. However, I do not want to lose my authenticity by chasing after money. (I am a for-profit business so YES I need to make money).


My Point is, money should not be the root of why I do business. It always should circle around to meeting a need, providing service, and bettering my community.  I work hard to stay true to this and I am still stumbling here and there, but I just wanted to share this morning because it has been a rough couple of months for my business and it is easy to get disheartened. But I am here to say, I am not giving up, failure is not an option, and as long as God gives me another day to live and breathe I can keep going.


So for anyone reading this and feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, un-inspired, off the path, take a moment and think about this:

Go back to the beginning – Write down (in your journal – or a piece of paper) why did you start on this journey? And what do you love about it? What excited you to start in the first place.