Visibility - Making a Statement

So how many times have you gone to a conference or a meeting or a networking event and you do the ritual of passing out business cards, and collateral and they all look the same (different logo of course) but nothing stands out. When I was a Small Business Advocate at Lockheed Martin, I would represent the company during Small Business Panel discussions and then do SB speed-dating for vendor outreach. Well, in just one session I would leave the event with a bag full of business cards, flyers, and even folders filled with the same dry standard information. Sigh! The average advocate or individual engaging small businesses or any business owner, they would look at it briefly and then put them in a pile with the rest of the mediocre (but probably really good companies). When you see over 50 a day sometimes, your eyes get blurry and everyone starts to sound and look the same on paper. Unless you have something that really stands out, by the time we would get to our desks you are forgotten. Notes sometimes help, but it all looks the same. At Lockheed, we worked on building a database that we entered business information in to reduce the loss of good small businesses. SBs could enter their own information that went beyond a NAICS code. Now they have incorporated these elements into their marketing tool on website. 

What matters more than anything is having great services and products that provide value for your customers. How that value gets communicated rests on your selling techniques & the tools you use to leave an impression. You want to delight your customers, educate them on why you, and give them the way to access you. If you pull all those elements together and then have the visual collateral to communicate those messages clearly and vividly, you will not only be visible, but you will be resilient. Don't fill your materials with fluff! Be efficient and tell people what they really need to know with great graphics!


You are a personal billboard for your business. Consider yourself as a brand ambassador. Every time you walk out the door you should be ready to represent the mission, vision and value your business brings to the table. Brand consistency is critical to demonstrating a cohesive message. There are so many great examples of branding that make a huge difference in the perception of a business. I recommend seeking help with marketing and branding specialists that can help you figure out your brand identity and make a complete difference in your billboard. 

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