How to Be Resilient Through Your Stormy Seasons.

Scary moment happened the other day during a storm. I was driving home with my three little children (5,4,and 2 years old) and all of a sudden we were caught in the middle of a severe storm with hail pummeling the car and what felt like buckets of water pouring on the windshield. Visibility was poor, the radio was talking about tornado warnings in our exact area and we needed to get off of the roads. I was driving on a back road through the woods and there was not where to pull of to take shelter. I was trying to stay calm for my kids, but I had a moment there when I screamed out because the hail had come down even harder it felt and I really could not see in front of me. I had a moment of panic and thought "what do I do? where can I go?" then I decided to push forward and keep heading home cautiously. I prayed the entire way home just hoping nothing would hit us or that the hail would not break the windows. My son started crying hysterically out of fear, and I was almost to that point. Then I pulled up to the driveway and my husband was there. I was soooo grateful to see him in the car. I suddenly did not care that we argued the night before (or more I just yelled at him out of frustration ;-)). I just was so relieved he was safe and we were all together. We got in the house safely and the moment passed, the rain stopped and the storm quieted. What a night!

So going through that experience made me think about business and what it is like pursuing your passion. Even life overall. The path to success is riddled with potholes and storms, and whirlwinds and flat out squalls. At any given moment a storm can sneak up on you, or a setback can come your way, or some other major disappointment. What do you do? I think if you really want to succeed, you have to be willing to stand your ground and dig deep into that inner resolve and decide to not turn back, to not cower, but to persevere and come out resilient. They always say, "that what does not kill you makes you stronger." Well walk on!

Here are some tips that may help you through your stormy season.

  1. Pause - Take a deep breath. Assess the gravity of the situation and do a kind of triage to determine the immediate issue.
  2. Adapt - Utilize all of the accessible resources around you.
  3. Weigh your options - think about quick solutions that will deal with the issue at hand, until a later time where you are not in immediate danger and you can mull over solutions and preventative measures. 
  4. Act on your decision that's an obvious one.
  5. Reflect - Hindsight is 20/20 so after you are out of your current storm, take time to reflect on your actions before, during, and after. Jot down lessons learned, resources that worked and those things that were not helpful. These nuggets of information will provide real-time knowledge and solutions to use for the next storm (and it will come!)