The Path to Business Resilience

I met a business owner the other day who has a business for over 15 years and they never thought about a business model, their passion, purpose, or end game. Like so many business owners we jump in to our business feet first and hit the ground running not looking back. Immediately pulled in the 'get-it-done' cycle . Next thing you know you are knee deep in client requirements, you have employees to deal with and you are pulled in a million directions. What do you do?


Or you are jumping into the federal contracting world (brave soul) and you are floundering trying to get traction. You may get a couple of low hanging fruit contracts here and there, but nothing really moving the needle for you. The average small business is successful and meets their customers needs, but they get to a place of complacency and stagnation where they don't know which way to go next to grow and to make a lasting impression. Or they have found themselves in a field over-saturated with other businesses doing the same thing.

This is where having a strategic portfolio, business model, implementation plans, engagement plans, pipelines, and branding and messaging platforms become game-changing for your business. Having everything in a seamless, cohesive package would be a dream right? Knowing the right opportunities to pursue, the right people to partner with (and even understanding the advantages of partnering and what gaps you need filled specifically). These are all time and money-saving bonuses that make building your value, visibility , and resilience a dream.

You are a hard worker, you have a passion, you have skills, you have knowledge. All of those things are revenue streams for your business. You've got information that people need to know. You haveshortcuts and quick hacks for everyday troubles of your customer base. You may not realize the gold mine you are sitting on that is called "your brain".

What if there was a proven way for you to design your strategic focus for your business, build a business model to capture your new value creating business with processes and methodologies, implementation plans to guide the way. What if you could save time on new opportunities by creating an opportunity profile and partnering profile that builds a pipeline of valid, winning opportunities. What if you could build a brand and message platform that compels your target customer to seek you out as the answer to their need?

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Well my friend, today is your lucky day. Such a system exists. You can have all of this in 8 steps. It is a tedious and mind-intensive process, but the results and return on your investment are so high. What you put in is what you get out. You will have to dig deep into your mind and come up with content, vision, passion, and purpose. This program will stretch you and challenge you to think about the "why" in what you are doing, and the 'how' you do it. The purpose of the Resilient Business Design System is to create a repeatable model for your business that can be passed on for decades.