Getting Your Butt in Gear For Something New

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You started your business with hope and excitement, and the expectation that 'when you build it, they will come.' Well reality sinks in and you see all of the hard work you put in to getting set up, you may get one or two clients, but not the overflow you were looking for. In a moment of revenue panic you start chasing after anything and everything. However this takes you down a confusing and exhausting path creating brand confusion. Like my mom says, “you can’t fry chicken AND do hair…”

If any of this sounds like you. Take a seat, sip on something comforting and let me share this simple process I developed to prime you for that new client, grant, contract. This process works whether you are brand spankin’ new in business or a seasoned vet.

Getting Ready For New Business

  1. Take a hard look in the mirror…

Reality check time. (Be that friend to yourself that tells you your underwear are showing.) First you need to figure out where you are truly and what you have (skills, secret sauce, unique talents.) Go through the process of narrowing down you niche', your target audience, and other valuable building blocks for a resilient business.

2. Create your ‘Vision Plan’

A. Decide your 'why'. Your purpose for going into business, even if you already have a business started. Narrowing down your 'Why' and then who would benefit the most from your unique offering.

B. Decide which of your unique services or solutions you want to focus on and that you love to do. Choose wisely, if you continue doing things you do not enjoy you will burn out fast.

3. Get down to the details.

Build your blueprint (business model).This is where you start putting teeth into your Vision Plan by creating all of the elements to make your vision a concrete reality. Business Models are a great tool for creating the road map for your success in a single, easily adjustable plan. You can configure the elements in any order, as long as they are all present. Business Models provide a practical reflection of where your business is and how it will set up to support the new vision. (I’ll do another post about business models so stay tuned.)

4. Branding & messaging

What are you known for and how can we tell it's you? That is the bottom line with branding and messaging. Messaging means you have a compelling story or solution that resonates with your target audience. Your brand identity solidifies that message and correlates images and colors (overall aesthetics) with your message. Branding is more than just a logo, it is your image, your fonts, colors, symbols, photo finishing, etc. Once you have established how you want to be seen, you should solidify your marketing materials, online presence, etc. in a uniform way. It all matters how people see your business.

Figure out which form you will use to spread your message, social media, books, speaking platforms, guest writer in published articles, etc.

That’s a wrap!

Okay so that’s it for now. How’d you do? It’s high-level I know, but I don’t want to bore you with details right out the gate. Want more help? Head on over to my shop and try some of the resources I put together for you.