Here's to pushing through the bad days!


The struggle is real.

I cannot stand being outside in the rain. It’s just one of those things that makes whatever I have going on miserable. That’s how it feels some days as an entrepreneur. Some days just SUCK!

I am writing what is in my heart and in my mind so that one day, it will help someone out there as they are struggling and working to make their dream a reality.

A bad day for me could look like, basement flooded, internet went out, no new work coming in, and one of my kids sick…..Okay, (that actually was pretty close to some of the days I have had.) There were moments I just wanted to sit on the steps and cry and just not move. BUT, that was not going to make a change or a difference in my circumstance.

Stay the course.

Take a breath and deal with your first obstacle, and then the next obstacle, and the next until you completely tackle everything on your plate in some fashion. When things seem crappy usually something awesome is around the corner. Dig deep into your purpose and your "why" and don’t lose ground. Sometimes that means just holding your position, not moving forward but absolutely not wavering or moving back.

Grit & grind

That’s what makes the victories so sweet. Do you feel like giving yourself a pat on the back when you completed even a small task on your goal list? I feel it too. The key is too acknowledge your emotions and feelings in the moment. It is okay to say it SUCKS!! It’s okay to say “I don’t want to be here!” It is okay. Give yourself permission to feel, to scream, to vent. Then take a deep breath and start to figure it out.

Just say no!

We’ve got this. We need to be like Neo at that moment in The Matrix when he finally believed he was ‘The One’ and stopped the bullets with his hands. Just say “No!” to whatever is taking us down.