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Find the right one.

Opportunity Planning solutions for small business owners.


Finding the Right One…

Could you use an additional $10K-$50K in your business? Do you want to sell your solutions to an audience with deep pockets? Are you tired of chasing after new contracts and coming up short or missing them all together? If you want a smart way to capture contracts, grants and other opportunities, Find the Right One (FTRO) opportunity planning is for you. It’s pursuing new opportunities using your unique value proposition, providing ‘needs-based’ solutions, backed by authentic proof. I eliminate the guesswork for you to make finding and winning new work easier. No more wasting your hard earned dollars away on the wrong customers. No more partnering with bad actors. It’s time to carve out your piece of the pie.

Sounds like you? Interested in learning more? Let’s get crackin’. Schedule a FTRO - BD Consulting Session FTRO – Get Prepped To Win’ your first stop to preparing to capture $5K - $50K and up in new work.


Over 25 years of business experience…

Your Business Development Expert

Your Business Development Expert

As a mompreneur of 4 little blessings, with over 25 years of business development expertise. It’s frustrating dedicating hard earned resources into your business and coming up short. Sometimes that entrepreneurial journey just feels too difficult.

I totally get it. That’s why I have poured my heart, mind, and experience into each solution I offer you. “Why?” you ask. I get tired of seeing business owners waste valuable time and money chasing after opportunities that are either glaringly wrong for them, not worth their time, or not realistic.  

I leverage my BD expertise from industry leaders such as Lockheed Martin and Accenture identifying over $200M in opportunities for small business owners. Through my consulting, proposal writing, opportunity and competitor analyses, I have won clients new work ranging from $50K contracts to $27B contract vehicles . I have served as a subject matter expert for small business development and writing winning proposals, and have spoken on numerous government panels. I also bring my MBA experience and doctoral studies in strategy and innovation to the table.

Working with me, I give you my best, and ask for flexibility and openness . If you are ready to work together, click on the link to get started. I’m looking forward to helping you find the right one!