KLH Consulting,LLC is a woman-owned strategic consulting business, providing business development and strategic planning for small business owners and entrepreneurs. We focus on 3 main pillars of service Conceptualization, Optimization, and Expansion, while providing significant value to our customers. We are dedicated to leveraging long-standing relationships, industry experience,  and academic knowledge to help clients create a viable, purposeful business.

The 8 areas of our Business Resilience process provide a value-increasing foundation in each step, from streamlining and effectively implementing services, to  expanding through targeted engagements, opportunity pursuits, and new product creations. Our evidence-based methodologies vastly  accelerate our clients  ability to gain visibility, increase value, and increase resilience with their target audience. 

Visibility, Value, & Resilience.

Looking for ways to increase your business visibility with your target audience? Having trouble getting through the door? Is your business getting lost in a maze of mediocrity? Have you stopped growing?  Looking for strategic vision and ways to increase value to grow your business? Check out our cost effective, Growth Resources to make competition irrelevant.

Looking for done-for-you business development solutions? Work With Me directly one-on-one through my consulting solutions and together we will expand your business and make you resilient. 

Being Resilient Blog

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