Resilient Business Consulting

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Resilient Business Consulting


6 Month Commitment

 Have an idea for your business but your stuck bringing it to fruition? Are you currently working in your business but not able to streamline and capture your methods, articulate what your 'special sauce' is to grow your business? Stop wasting time chasing after the wrong things, or being stuck in the same place and not moving your business to the next level.

KLH Resilient Business Consulting is a 6 month, done- for- you program that conceptualizes your business vision, optimizes your current methods, tools and systems, and expands your solutions and opportunities for growth.

 Our 3- phase process creates your unique business model, streamlines your business and adds value into each level of service you offer. We customize 8 key areas of value creating services to increase your value, visibility, and make your business resilient. 

Here's what you get: The Business Resilience Design Package includes one-on-one strategic working sessions to complete all of the steps in the process. 

  • Your Strategic Design  Roadmap

  • Brand Identity & Messaging Planning

  • Engagement Plan (Includes Social Media Planning)

  •  Product Planning & Promotion

  • Resilience Building Business Model (breaks down your niche, value proposition, Implementation plan).

  • Build and Capture Your Implementation Plan (Operations Manual)
  • Create and/or Optimize Your Engagement Plan (includes Social Media and Social Selling Platform)
  • Opportunity Planning  (high- level opportunity map)
  • Opportunity Quick Assessment (Designed for quick analysis of new opportunities to stop wasting time).
  • Build your pipeline of opportunities
  • Create new Products/Solutions for future positioning
  • Strategic Expansion Planning



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